I founded my eponymous creative practice House of Holly Jean in 2020.  After spending the past ten years studying and working as an architect, I felt a deep need to be making with my hands to balance architectural work that is predominantly based in the digital realm.


As an architect I design spaces we inhabit, and I believe clothing naturally complements that. The clothes we wear and the buildings we occupy both have a huge influence on how we feel and how we can live. They therefore go hand in hand.


My design ethos applies to all aspects of living. How we can use resources and care for them to fulfil our lives without a detrimental impact on anyone or anything around us, whether that be for the house we live in, the clothes we wear or the material possessions we collect.


​I have been sewing and making clothes since I was very young, and it is something I have learnt through practice and experience over many years. I am designer/maker in a broad sense and alongside clothing and architectural design I have a passionate interest in landscapes, gardens and ceramics. I find all of these interests have a common theme of texture and materials. 


The clothing I design is aimed to be worn, cherished and be repaired so that it can last as long as you need it to.

Portrait by Kate Sims (@ladykatherine)

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I am also a Co-Founder of Knot Works, a collaborative creative organisation founded by three friends; myself, Ed Liddle and Sam Wheeler. We host events, workshops and exhibitions and aim to bring people together to learn, share and grow.


You can find out more at knotwork.co.uk or on Instagram @knotworks_