The House of Holly Jean collection is made up of classic, functional yet elegant garments and are based on three principles.



There will be a selection of different fabrics available for each, sourced from trusted sustainable sources. All orders will be made once I have received them. This will slow down the process but will ensure no wasted stock if items are unsold. This also allows you to pick exactly what colour or cloth you would like. Garments are made to order, not made to measure, so you are still able to return them should you wish. 



All garments will be made with longevity in mind. Once you buy a garment, I will always be here to make any repairs, should the inevitable rigours of daily life wear through your beloved garment. I hope this will mean that you can treasure it for years to come.



I don’t believe in promotions or ‘last chances’ that only aim to encourage you to buy what you don’t need. I will sell garments at prices that genuinely provide me and anyone I employ in the future with a living wage and allow me to use good quality sustainable materials.